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Agostinismo contemporaneo


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Author: Vincenzo Cherubino Bigi

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argument:Blondel - filosofia
series:Teologia viva
number series:1
book format:24x17
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Natura e valore del pensiero nella filosofia di Maurice Blondel 

Maurice Blondel La Pensee published in 1934. In 1958, M.F. Sciacca he translated and published the first volume. The work was not, perhaps, loved and appreciated as it deserves, and did not get the same notoriety that had the Action. 

The wise parent Bigi († 2003) is important because it offers a penetrating synthesis of a very rich work. Father Bigi not hide his enthusiasm engaging: there appears to her "elective affinity" or, we might say with E. Betti, the "hermeneutics consonance" with the author.
It is coming and it remains a work that is very current as an effective introduction to the work blondeliana.
This is the philosophy we study not to acquire opinions to appear in a sad twilight shining in vain, but to learn to "think really," in anticipation of the New Sun