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Author: Jacques Dalarun

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series:Fonti e ricerche
number series:24
book format:24x17
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Saggio di democrazia medievale

"The general context of the speech Dalarun consists of the medieval West. From this framework that the main question: how and why grooming becomes synonymous serving. Some withdrawals limited to a series of lectures of Michel Foucault, published posthumously in 2004, suggest the trend of this book. It is in particular the distinction between sovereignty and government. Sovereignty fact implies domination. Government involves an art of governing men that surrounds them and involves them but dominates them. And that's where Dalarun captures an analogy with the calculations that the idea and practice of government had known part of medieval religious orders. It is a book valuable, valuable because it provides an example pushed to the extreme decomposition of some medieval texts to give a reading and interpretation of the most grounded and comprehensive as possible (whether it's text at the bottom of the "minor" - some steps regarding Chiara's life, the ticket of Francis to Brother Leo - accentuates the preciousness of the enterprise). It is a book full of finally illuminating pages but also not free from claims that are sure to provoke discussion ... "
Preface by Giovanni Miccoli