Storia e teologia dell’esperienza Spirituale di Francesco d’Assisi View larger

Storia e teologia dell’esperienza Spirituale di Francesco d’Assisi


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Author: Cesare Vaiani

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argument:Francis of Assisi: Writs, biography
series:Fonti e ricerche
number series:23
book format:24x17
picture book:NO
pages:X, 510

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The work of Cesare Vaiani, Friar Minor well- known for his many studies of Francis of Assisi and his original form of spiritual experience, it is suggested from the results obtained from the vast literature on the analysis of the writings of St. Francis to come a synthetic vision of the Christian life of Francis of Assisi, read in the light of the historical development of his life story. The study is divided into three parts: the first will provide essential data on the sources and proposes a chronology of the life of Francis divided into various stages that make up the living environment of its original writings.
The second, more extensive and analytical traces the different "periods" of the life of St. Francis previously identified by reading the writings in different contexts that belong to you. The third section briefly reviews the biography of Francis, trying to capture the focal points of his experience, as they were identified during the survey.

Thus emerges more clearly the historical dimension of the spiritual experience of Francis of Assisi: in this way it becomes possible to better understand the Writings placing them in the living context in which they originated.