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argument:Franciscan Sources
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At the end of 2015 they have come out, by the EFR-EDITIONS FRANCESCANE, two complementary volumes: Franciscus liturgicus and Fonti Liturgiche Francescane. As the titles suggest it is the collection of all liturgical texts (Office, Mass, sequences, Legende for the Liturgical Office) were born after the canonization of Francis onwards, throughout the thirteenth century, both within the Franciscan family, is to its exterior. The two volumes, edited by M. Bartoli, J. Dalarun, T. Johnson and F. Seddon, respectively, reported the Latin texts and the corresponding Italian version. Through these texts, hitherto known only to specialists, it is possible to grasp the development of the cult and devotion to Francis and follow the different phases of "construction" of his figure and his biography as it was fixed in the liturgy, similarly to what was going on through the various hagiographies that were born in the same era of these liturgical texts.