The Series

Le collane

Calendari e Agendine

- Calendario del Patrono d'Italia [15x10, 5 cm] - Volume of manageable size, shows for each day of the year, a reflection on the daily liturgy and a short meditation inspired by the Franciscan message.
Wall calendars, table and pocket diaries - with drawings of sr. Chiara Amata

Presenza di San Francesco

- [18x12 cm] - Includes volumes of small size, in the translations and some original works on Franciscan spirituality, especially of Francis and Clare.


- [21x14 cm] - Works aimed at a wider audience: study manuals and texts, complete information on Francis and Clare.

Fonti e ricerche

- [24x17 cm]-Testimonials original scientific studies relating to the Franciscan, in a strictly historical perspective. The texts are aimed at a specialist audience and university.
From number 16 to the number 22 the series is published by EFR-Editrici Franciscane.


- [17x12 cm] - Small volumes, format and number of pages, intended for an educated audience, but not only specialists, interested in both short but rigorous and specific issues but important.

Piccola Serie

- [16x10 cm] - Small in size, the volumes are intended to present the original texts or brief reflections about the Franciscan spirituality.

Parole e Immagini

- Books designed to communicate also with the design, as well as with the word. For children of all ages, and all those who will never forget that they were children.

Con gli occhi dello Spirito

- The Holy Spirit "translates" the splendor of the Word in the various forms of human expression, art included. The Franciscan experience since its birth is intertwined with the history of art. The series aims to investigate a few moments of this plot and collect catalogs linked to the activities of the Museum of the Capuchins in Milan.


- [23.5 x 17 cm] - Guided meditations contemplating the icons of the Savior, St. Francis and St. Clare.

Sesto Sigillo

- [19x12, 5 cm] - Necklace designed to collect works in prose and verse, and in particular of the Franciscan Francis, published for the first time between the middle of the last century and the first decades of the 900.

Gli Acanti

- [23x17, 5 cm] - Collection of evidence of life that reflect the Franciscan spirituality in the contemporary world.

Pensieri di Strada

- A series of books I want to help to realize the different forms of poverty present in our world today. Testimonies, reflections and the attempt to give a voice to those who experiment on their skin discomfort and difficulty of living in our society.

Fuori Collana

- Other books of interest in local history, art, published on the same style and according to the choices defined.

Block-Lettera e Biglietti

- [19x12, 5 cm] - In two variations, every block-letter consists of 54 sheets, reproductions, individual and unique in color, and phrases taken from the Psalms, from the Writings of St. Francis and St. Clare.
The two variations are also found in gift box (in folder punched and, on request, clipboard in hand bound in cloth), consisting of a block-letter, 54 white envelopes (size 12x18 cm) and 54 self-adhesive seals for color envelope.

The Greeting cards, with drawings of sr. Chiara Amata, are 4 variations and in a pack of 10 cards with the same envelope.

Corso di Arabo

- [24x17 cm] - including grammar, vocabulary, Box Cassette subsidy for reading, is a basic course for learning the Arabic language developed by a Friar Minor mission in Libya.

Studi di Storia del Cristianesimo e delle Chiese Cristiane

- Necklace collects studies on the history of Christianity and the Christian Churches. In collaboration with the University of Milan.

Studi di Storia del Cristianesimo... Fonti e Documenti

- [23x15, 5 cm] - Necklace that collects sources and documentation on the history of Christianity and the Christian churches. In collaboration with the University of Milan.

Biblioteca di Frate Francesco

- edited by Alvaro Cacciotti, Maria Melli
Volumes 1 to 4 can be requested directly to:
EFR-Editrici Francescane - Via Orto Botanico, 11 - 35123 Padova

Teologia viva

- [24x17 cm] - Series edited by Studio Teologico S. Antonio of Bologna

Centro Studi Cappuccini Lombardi

- [24x16 cm] - New Series! edited by fr. Costanzo Cargnoni, ofmcap

EFR-Editrici Francescane

- Publications issued by the consortium EFR-Editrici Francescane publishing of content and considerable scientific value, are available in the catalog works such as Writings of St. Francis, the Franciscan Sources, the series and Research Sources (from No. 16), the Santorale Francescano, the series Franciscalia, etc.