La biblioteca francescana di San Michele in Isola e le “sue biblioteche” (1829-2008) View larger

La biblioteca francescana di San Michele in Isola e le “sue biblioteche” (1829-2008)


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Author: Federica Benedetti

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series:Biblioteca San Francesco della Vigna
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Il modello delle biblioteche di Santa Maria delle Grazie di Conegliano, San Bernardino di Collalto, San Francesco di Ceneda

An ancient book is the bearer of meanings that go beyond its content. Each specimen is subject to historical events of which bears the traces: stamps, bookplates, ownership notes...
The comparative study of these elements can be extremely useful in reconstructing the events that led to the formation and history of a library.
This is demonstrated by this volume, created by the cataloging of old collections of the Franciscan library of S. Michele in Isola, now preserved at the Library of S. Francesco della Vigna in Venice.
The three parts of the book concern
- The Franciscan library of San Michele in Isola and circulation of library material in the Franciscan convents of Veneto;
- The reconstruction of the library of three Franciscan libraries (S. Bernardino di Collalto, S. Maria delle Grazie di Conegliano and S. Francesco di Ceneda) of the Diocese of Ceneda (Vittorio Veneto) between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century, whose funds are partially merged in that of S. Michele in Isola;
- The publication of the unpublished catalogs of eighteenth-century libraries previously studied. In this way, the paper offers a significant contribution to the reconstruction of historical events that have characterized the library of S. Michele in Isola, its aggregation library and the Franciscan presence in the Venetian hinterland.