Chiara d’Assisi. La questione dell’autenticità del Privilegium Paupertatis e del Testamento View larger

L’autenticità del Testamento di santa Chiara: un confronto con le sue Lettere


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Author: Leonard Lehmann .

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argument:Chiara of Assisi - Franciscan Sources
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The Testament of St. Clare, in the last fifty years, has been the focus of several discussions. The main focused on the authenticity of this work, which was questioned from time to time for questions concerning the content, the manuscript tradition or shape.
This essay by Leonard Lehmann begins with an overview of the different positions taken by scholars, traces the acquisitions of the last few decades, especially the discovery of new manuscripts, and shows a comparison between the Testament and Letters of the saint, by analyzing the vocabulary and concepts are different Writings.
The book proves to be a valuable tool to grasp the originality of the language of Clare, who becomes a mirror of its unique Christian experience and this accounts for the continuing relevance of his charisma.