• Presence of S.Francis

    Presence of S.Francis

    The historic series created in 1963: short texts and deep, capable of leading to the heart of the experience of Francis of Assisi.

  • TAU


    Books for those who want to deepen some particular aspect of the Franciscan charism: theology, history, spirituality, art ...

  • Calendars and Diaries 2016

    Calendars and Diaries 2016

    Loyal friends who accompany you all the days of the new year. Available from September 2016

  • Words and Pictures

    Words and Pictures

    The series for those who want to "see" as well as read: Designed for children of all ages ...

  • The Eye's of the Spirit

    The Eye's of the Spirit

    Art books, embellished with numerous plates: the presence of the humble Francis and his friars in art history.